Wednesday - Several Cartoons and Comics Only One of Us Watched

Tonight on GeekNights, we review several anime, cartoons, and comics that only one of us has experienced. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, Chainsaw Man, Hilda, The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Ominous Omnibus, and Twins in Paradise. In the news, Mickey Mouse has actually for-real entered the public domain and Disney is facing a huge internal power struggle. Also Rym and Emily saw the Field of Light.

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Things of the Day

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I will say you all should watch Blue Eye Samurai, it’s so good. I still think about it and it’s been weeks since I watched it.


The chapters in my mp3 end at meta moment.

If that happens I don’t think it’s a bug, and is probably a data entry mistake by Rym.

I will check the file. I might have deleted the “Main Bit” chapter when I was doing an edit as fast as possible because I was hungry. I’ll bet I selected the marker along with the edit point and deleted them all at once.