Web browsers

Do people still use browser bookmarks in 2019? Or read-later style apps, or pinboard, or nothing at all?

I’ve been using Feedly since Google Reader died, most of my bookmarks are ancient things that google has kept for me for over the past decade. Most still work surprisingly.

I used to use Pinboard but now I have all my bookmarks on my Nextcloud instance. It’s also my password manager.

RSS readers and Bookmarks have different use cases.

I use RSS for when something updates and I wanna see the updates. I use bookmarks for when something isn’t expected to update and I wanna save it for later. Think like a novel skill build in a game I wanna try after I’m done using the one I’m using now or like instructions for a project I wanna complete soon but not right this moment or until it gets warm or something.

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I use bookmarks still on my browser and apps on my mobile

I use Safari due to everything syncing between my laptop and phone, the built-in password saving that works even in iOS apps, and the continuity features between iOS and MacOS. Bookmarks still work as well as they’ve ever done.

For RSS reading I use NewsBlur. It’s really, really good, or at least for me. It costs $20 per year, which means it just keeps working with no adverts or bullshit. I wish things like Twitter would let me pay the same for removal of bullshit too.

I use bookmarks for things I want to keep handy but don’t necessarily check every day and that aren’t probably updated every day.

For RSS, I use Feedbin. It costs $20/year, but it’s been worth it so far.

Turns out the easiest way to make a faster browser? Just tell people it’s faster.

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So I can just say Netscape Navigator is faster and everyone would just flock to it in droves?