Weather bitch thread

We’ve had a whole lot of snow near us. What a fantastic weekend, beautiful and on a Sunday so the kids were all out doing cool snow things.

But now it’s two days later and it’s all dangerous ice and just so cold and wet. I’m getting up early to make sure my journey has plenty of time in morning.

Having to take train to work is a new experience for me, since mostly every other job that I’ve had, I’ve been able to just cycle to.

So, public transport is garbage. This isn’t new.

What is new, to me, is having trains cancelled on me. Punctuality has officially died.

The latest round of cancellations have been due to the snow. I assume.

Also, almost fell off my bike due to braking on a bit of ice. Yeh, don’t do that. Just walk.

Snow sucks for real. I would be just fine living in the desert. What’s a little heat in the summer that we haven’t invented various active and passive cooling solutions to address?

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I don’t mind snow as much as rain right near the freezing point. Fuck that, fuck that ten ways to Sunday.


My current work trip started in Belem, Brazil, which is right on the equator. It continues via Antarctica. Packing for this trip has been a real bitch.

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The UK has gone insane over a bit of snow. Mean while one of my teachers was excited to go surfing in December.

Happens every year, because the UK has been consistently inept in dealing with nature. Wind, Sun, wet, you name it.

We don’t deal with it. We complain then get flooded.

Ah you can’t beat a good flood. Save for those people who have houses on flood pains that should never have been built, but are thanks to crappy councils.

It is now 4 PM here and it has at been snowing straight since at least 7 AM when I got up. Considering at that point there was already 5 cm on the ground I am going to guess it had been snowing since 3 PM. Yay.

I guess it is good for children, who will have midterm break next week.

It was so humid here today, I was soaking wet from my 5 minute walk from the train station to my house. I thought we’d get a nice storm as a payoff, but nope. Just unending stickiness.

Its -5 and my bastard house doesn’t have insulation. And work leaves all the windows open!

I picked the wrong year to move to Chicago. High of -11 tomorrow, with wind chills potentially bringing it below -50. Just glad I can work from home.

Night tornadoes are some apocalyptic shit.

NOAA is getting an upgrade. There’s not much info in the press release, but it’s interesting there’s “The” model - I would have guessed they’re constantly running many.

Apple just bought Dark Sky

I always like to plug We’re already paying for it, plus you don’t give your info to bad companies.

They have so much information - not many people know they publish temperature forecasts 3 months out!

They even have a mobile site: Pin it to your home screen and forget the third party apps.

Wow the temperature here just climbed from -15 C to 0 C in about three hours. That’s pretty quick!