Watchmen (TV series)

HBO is making a Watchmen series.

The pilot has aired so far. It set up a lot of things, mostly without explanation. The show is being made by the Lost guy, which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that things will be wrapped up coherently. Be a shame if that happened to something as thoroughly planned as Watchmen.

So far so good for the Watchman series, though it’s one ep in. I enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised. That and all the up front media sorta gave me a different impression of it.

FWIW, J.J. started but did not finish the Lost series. I’m told that’s part of the reason for the decline in quality.

It also means he never really had a chance to wrap anything up coherently.

What’s the excuse for Prometheus?

Damon Lindelof is also the creator of The Leftovers, one of the best shows in the past 10 years. It ran for three seasons on HBO and was excellent.

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Oh no. When I thought it couldn’t get any worse.