Wagon is way way stronger than Advance Wars APC.


So is this game a yes buy at full price?


Do you have money? Do you like Advance Wars? Do you not just want to play one of the existing Advance Wars games again? Do you have nothing better to do? Do you want to play right now instead of patiently waiting for an inevitable discount?


Funnily enough, I got it cheap on Switch.

I bought in on steam (so I can stream it: stay tuned). But I’m playing it on the Switch. It didn’t show up on the Amazon store, so I bought it direct on Nintendo.

When I did, Nintendo was like “you have all these coins” and they ended up giving me like $12 off the game.


It’s not Advance Wars.

A little clumsier. A little less elegant. Units are more disposable.

But it’s the closest a non-Advance-Wars game has ever gotten to scratching that itch. It’s good. It’s not great by my narrow definition of great, but it’s definitely work getting and playing right now.

Be warned. Switch version can only do local multiplayer unless you pay.


I think they brought one of the Advance Wars games to the Wii U virtual console, hopefully they’ll eventually bring it to the online service.


“If your definition of terrible music is ‘this is not Mozart’, you’re aiming too high”.

Advance Wars is a stunningly good game series, and Wargroove falls short. But it’s damn close, and worth a purchase if only to show that you’re ready to buy an Advance Wars game if one ever comes out.

There’s a lot of fun in the Puzzle Mode though.



So who’s everyone’s favorite general? I really enjoy Valder’s playstyle but im also partial to anything that let’s me summon skeletons.
Also like Greenfinger, seems like he has a high skillcap on the shenanigans you can pull with the vines


Vampire Girl. Her power is extremely useful.