VR Chat

I’ve been poking around in VR Chat.

It’s basically the cyberspace everyone wanted in the 90s, but real. Janky, weird, and sometimes unfathomable. It’s a very clear look into how the post-millenials are using the Internet, and they’re edging more toward how WE used the Internet pre-web-2.0.

I remain convinced that post-millenials use Fortnite, Minecraft, and things like VR Chat as their primary social networks. It’s a wild ride in there.

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There’s barely any documentation. You just walk in, grab an avatar, and go. Want a new avatar? Clone one from someone you see, or go to an “avatar world” and just take one. Jump into a random-ass world. It all just works.

In one sitting, I found a “gun world” full of guns and this kid yelling in Russian and shooting guns while a bunch of anime girls had a dance party. Next was a karaoke world which was legit just people singing karaoke together on a stage while a crowd watched. Then on to a fantasy Japanese inn where a bunch of varied avatars were sitting at different tables talking quietly in Japanese.

I was a Bulbasaur, then a weird demon thing, and most recently an AE86.

sounds like it’s going to monopolize the same demographic that went for Second Life


I’ve mostly seen VRChat through Zoran the Bear running some kind of court trials as a 40k space marine accusing people of being anime. Honestly it looks like something that would have been the shit at like 10.

Does this mean the crazy VR worlds of Gibson and Stephenson are becoming real? Are we going to see ninja pizza delivery guys? Keyboard Cowboys? Genocidal AI?

I ran into a bunch of people literally just playing Mafia in a circle behind a suburban looking house in the back yard.

I guess I better start buying up MSXes, then. ;3

I got you man.

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