Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2020

We will be appearing at the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2020! Bringing back a classic talk with a brand new twist, come see us present Judge Anime By Its Cover! It should be a good time, and we'll be around to answer questions and otherwise hang out.

Judge Anime By Its Cover
Friday Sept 4 2020
4:30pm PDT (7:30pm EDT)
On the YUZU Stage

We will, of course, also be appearing at the Penny Arcade Expo Online! PAX Online will replace the PAXes we'd normally appear at in person this year, and we're really looking forward to playing some games with all of you! Also stick around for our brand new talk!

Where is the Finish Line?

Friday, Sept 18th

2:00pm PDT (5pm EDT)

On the PAX3 channel

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Our panel will be visible at this URL at 7:30PM New York time. About 20 minutes after I post this comment.

It also appears they are keeping VODs online after the “live” broadcast, but for how long?

EDIT: Word on the street is that the video will be available on CRX until Monday.

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The panel actually has a lot of people in the chat. I’m pretty happy with the reaction!

Hard to tell exactly how many people, there’s no viewcount. Just have to guess based on activity. Could be 0 or 1 million lurkers, who knows?

I was in the chat for a bit. As someone that hangs out here it got a bit dull with like, “yeah I’ve seen an approximation of this panel a few times”, but it seemed like it was going over well for what it’s worth.

It’s new to somebody.

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For sure. And given the circumstances, you guys seem relatively prepped to do virtual stuff.

Yeah. The only other panel I watched was the one before us. Good content, average delivery. Pretty much what I expect to see out of a history of mecha panel at Anime Boston. However, it was just slides with voice-over. No camera, no nothing.

When my slimy face appeared in amazing 4K and you could see the oil on my bald head…


Yeah but all you have to do is own it. We are all too old at this point to dwell on it. Rym remains just as fucking ridiculous as he apparently was in college. Never repent.

If anyone can help me download the vids for this that would be awesome

The VODs are an embedded Vimeo frame, so youtube-dl should be able to handle it.

But, they are embedded as some playlist-type Vimeo Showcase, which has an open bug ticket with no comment from the devs yet.

But but, if you get the url of an individual video rather than the whole showcase, then youtube-dl will work again. Developer tools should be able to tell you. You’ll have to download each talk manually rather than the whole playlist in one shot.

All the fan panels are in one channel, and those are the ones that really need saving.

Also, obviously, if our panel isn’t saved by them, we will edit it together and release a version on our YouTube.

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Well bad news it appear all 5 of my methods are not allowing me to download the videos, if anyone else can figure it out I will need to simply record my screen in order to get access to it.

For the Patreon patrons, here is the video of our panel: