Video editing

With audio editing, there’s a trick where you can trim the silent pauses between words and sentences. So the speech is still played back at 1x, but the overall playback is faster. Some podcast apps do it on the fly as well, e.g. Overcast calls it “Smart Speed”.

I wanted that, but for video. This guy already made it!

This is the first 5 minutes of a 2+ hour documentary about supercuts.

Ooh, this is a neat tool.

So I pretty much taught myself the basics of Davinci Resolve over the pandemic. If you want a video editor that does not suck and is 100% free. I highly recommend.

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Unfortunately, the code is pretty janky and not maintained. WyattBlue created this feature comparison of a bunch of forks/alternatives. (Now deleted, I wonder by who)

Auto-editor is probably the one you want, though Cut the Crap also looks interesting.

The auto-editor documentation on github doesn’t make it obvious, but it looks like all the command line flags are still supported.

Do you have any learning sources you’d recommend? I’m about to dive into it today.

Start here

Awesome, thanks so much! :pray: