Variations on a theme: Zombies

My name is Steve… and I am a fan of zombie themed games…

Starting this thread to explore the different zombie themed games on the market. I would like everyone to join in the discussion and comment on favorite (and not so favorite or actively disliked) games in the genre.

The first zombie game I can remember being exposed to would be Zombies (Zombies!!! | Board Game | BoardGameGeek) by Twilight Creations. This game used to get tons of table time among my friends and I around 2001. It is very simple and accessible. There are a bunch of expansions that change the setting a small bit and slightly modify the rules. Basically you lay out tiles as you play and need to find the helipad to escape. I have not touched this game in years but it is in my collection.

The second game I will touch on I consider to be the evolved form of Zombies. I am speaking of Zombicide (Zombicide | Board Game | BoardGameGeek). Produced in 2012 via kickstarter this game is a more modern take on the game that Twilight Creations created over 15 years ago. The game currently has a modern line and a medieval/fantasy line. Gameplay is similar in that you roll d6 and layout tiles but where Zombies was random Zombicide uses a predesigned scenario system.

I have most of the Zombicide line except for some of the hard to get promo figures. Those can easily be proxied so it’s not a huge deal. The games can easily run double the times listed in the rulebook (if not triple) if your group is casual and not heavily focused on the game.

Please add to the list of zombie games. State your opinion. Tell us about your favorite game in the genre or any rule tweaks you use to make these types of games better.


Resource/Time management game. Witchdoctots compete to raise and assail each other with zombies. Currently shit-talk, but an idea is solidifying.