Black Rose Saga is confusing to me. Why was it even in the show?

It has the feel of “yeah now we’re going to find out what’s really going on around here”, but it kind of ended up not mattering. Usually stuff that doesn’t matter should have been cut… I didn’t get it, I suppose.

One of my favorite moments in all of Utena is in Black Rose Saga and I think it’s kinda encapsulates why BRS is so good. It’s been ages since I saw it, so I have to paraphrase, but it went something like:
Utena: “[that girl we dueled yesterday] seems like totally different person now.”
Anthy: “She’s not.”

I mostly love Utena for it’s characters and how it explores those characters so I think having an arch for side characters to become more fleshed out is great.


Black Rose Saga is literally the best part of Utena :-p

For the Patreon Patrons… A preview of Geeknights Presents Utena: 16


Not a Patron. Can’t see my own video.


It’s just the raw upload of our recording session. It’s not even edited :wink:

What a con-artist. The people who pay money get crap while the quality product that takes effort goes to the public for free.

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Who needs geeknights to review Utena episode by episode when this exists?


I’ve been thinking about getting a rose seal inked on my upper chest (right where Utena pulls the sword from Anthy) for about a year and a half. I still need to wait for my chest to develop more to get it, but I keep thinking about it anyway.


Good interview, my favorite part that I quoted on Twitter.

"Kotani: The Utena movie felt very theatrical, was that something that you paid a lot of attention to?

Ikuhara: Well no, I’m often told that, but actually I wasn’t thinking at all (laugh)."

Decided to check the comments on my old Utena AMV and this is a fucking galaxy brain take right here.

For reference, my AMV


Rewatching the show and I DEFINITELY need Utena ink, but this is not it. The symbolism of the Rose Seal is all wrong for me to get as a tattoo. I need something liberating, and the rose seal is basically a prison.

No promising I dont turn into a cow this weekend.

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EDIT: Anthy is a weirdo with snails in her pencil box

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Move over Rym and Scott watch Utena and then talk about it. This exists:



There’s a whole world of Utena roleplay twitter out there.

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For my third tattoo I want a Sword of Dios based design but kinda don’t know what framing would make it a little extra powerful. Like my Bruce ink I love has some non-Bruce stuff that links it to me, wanna do that with this. Also not having a “mind’s eye” makes it hard to picture stuff I haven’t seen visually before.

EDIT: got some good ideas from a few different sources to have the Sword of Dios, the World’s Shell, and the Ohtori Gate at once. Will post concept art when I have some that looks even remotely like what I’m going for.

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Look I already realized I need to make an AMV to this Springsteen song specifically because the narrator is Akio and the girl on the strip is Utena. Don’t guilt me for having not finished it.