Stay determined:

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I have already set aside time this evening.

This weekend I’m doing it. I’ve avoided spoilers completely, and I literally have no idea what to expect.

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I DL’d and ran the .exe last night. Wish I had done so earlier than 1:30am. Will need to wait until this weekend to get more time.

Music is still dope, Toby’s sense of humor is still great; it’s the best kind of surprise delivery. No Spoilers, but I think if Toby wanted to do more with some of Undertale’s ideas, this was a good direction to go in.

I was very pleased with this experience. I can’t wait for what comes next.

Guess that’s a new character I need on a button on my backpack.

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No spoilers (?), just field/battle music

Also Toby is a fucking madman for putting this together largely by himself.

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So wrestling approve of the game.

I mean, it’s hard to be closer to the nexus of Video games and Wrestling than Kenny “The One-Winged Angel” Omega, champion Street Fighter player.

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And actual anime character.

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Or Music Theory?