Is there a legitimate source for this? Not just the first aid bit but also that Putin’s health is on a downturn?

Not that I can find.

Additionally, I found a BBC article from last summer that says that Putin’s health is fine. It could be out of date, but RadarOnline is not rated highly in terms of reliability.

I would not put my faith in that site.

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There is credible reporting that Ukraine routed an entire Russian rifle-motor brigade in Bakhmut!

I’m not posting a play by play or anything, but watch what’s happening. Russia issued an arrest warrant for the Wagner leader and there appears to be a civil war or a coup starting. Lots of messy stuff going on just in the last hours.

Be wary of the news and don’t spread anything without multiple sources or from real news sites.

It’s looking a bit like the August Coup from 1991.



This attempt to appeal to democratic legitimacy by some general is pretty hilarious though.

“ “Before it is too late, it is necessary to obey the will and order of the popularly elected president,” Surovikin said in a video. “Stop the columns. Return them to the points of permanent deployment. Solve all problems only by peaceful means under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.”

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Dude’s gonna die in Belarus.

Presumably he has a plan to escape to Switzerland or something, right? He has to realize.

Wow. There are strong indications that Prigozhin never went to Belarus at all.

Which gives me a movie idea.


Russia is launching missiles at civilians now.

Prigozhin, the Wagner guy, was reportedly killed in a plane crash in Russia.

That tracks with reports that Russia has deployed all of its available reserves.

If this was a game of EUIV I know what I would be doing to Russia in a month or two!

I’m going to argue that one of the historical landmarks of the Russia/Ukraine war will be how simple, store bought drones changed asymmetrical warfare…