Now we’re seeing the consequences of mobilization.

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This was retweeted by another journalist I follow, and when I first skimmed it I literally thought it was a satirical take clearly referencing how Republican politicians have supported Trump publicly for years but “behind closed doors” are “very concerned”. Then I looked again and realized it is actually about the internal politics of Russia, but the parallels are just too strong even for satire.

Russia: “We didn’t touch your drone.”
US: "Here’s the video

It was far past time for a NATO-enforced No Fly Zone over Ukraine and the Black Sea.

This naked aggression has to end. The whole point of the UN is the prevent this specific kind of territorial expansion war by a large country against a small country.

The UN charter needs to be amended to expel Russia, or at least to remove them from the security council indefinitely.

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My guess, based on nothing, that type of support will come in as soon as a win is in sight.

Things may escalate unpredictably if the current stance is changed.

Also, I know absolutely nothing about anything.

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Can a sitting head of State be arrested and prosecuted by the ICC? Found this recent article discussing the topic:

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What will change once Ukraine becomes part of NATO?

When Ukraine is part of NATO, any act of Russian aggression means immediate war with every NATO nation. Russia will never be able to invade them like this again.

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