Tuesday - Cobalt Core

Tonight on GeekNights, we review Cobalt Core. It's a cross between Slay the Spire and FTL, taking the best aspects of both. It's also super cute. In the news, the Pickleball people are facing increasing drama, and it's good to "cheat" at Pokémon. We also make fun of AMD for a while.

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You may need a physical monitor connected to your steam machine to steam stream. When I investigated a while back, it seemed like you needed either that, or some sketchy ass hacks (monitor-simulating HDMI dongle?) to get it to work.

Also I seem to recall you needed to either have the box running steam unlocked, or give steam admin privileges. So playing remotely from eg. a convention seemed like a no go.


Counterpoint to training all your poke’s hidden stats - 6 Geodudes, can’t lose

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My monitors have extra inputs, so there are possibilities there.

But also, I still have to make a whole new plan of how to wire the desk. My current plan is to experiment and do the best I can with the cables, dongles, and things I already own. Then as I learn what works and what doesn’t, I’ll adjust.

I’d like to avoid buying an expensive KVM situation, but I might not be able to avoid buying an expensive Thunderbolt dock like the CalDigit TS4.

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Even more pickleball drama!

This may sound frivolous, but the documents also show what happens after we fail to build things in America: Compromises are made, and our cities’ already strapped public space and public resources become increasingly crowded and difficult to use. People fight about it.

Riggs and her gun!
Also I enjoy kyubeycat.exe.

I’ve played enough to collect all the memories now. It’s fun, BUT. I find the decks don’t have much internal synergy.

In Spire, Ironclad has so many cards that exhaust, or exhaust other cards, or have an effect when a card is exhausted, or relics that interact with exhausting. Same for Silent and discard.

And the Cobalt decks don’t really seem to have much of that. Which isn’t the worst thing, but I feel like it makes the game smaller. Less combo-y.