Tuesday - Ahoy (2022)

Tonight on GeekNights we review Ahoy (2022). In the news, kids want Robux for Christmas, ByteDance is restructuring Nuverse in a "retreat" from gaming, and Nintendo has to make an 18+ version of the N64 app.

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Things of the Day

James Earl Jones doesn’t even do the Darth Vader voice on TV anymore.

Over dinner last night we watched the tryouts and wanted to judge for ourselves:

John LaVange
Best lean back and goosestepping by a long margin. Tight to the music. Juggling pretty hot.

Konner Barr
Tallest by far, which probably helps for being out front. Best juggler, worth it for the under leg catches.

Morgan Davies
Not as athletic as the others by a long way.

Kris Hamilton
No notes, but not in a good way.

Tyler Nichols
Fastest juggler for sure! But sorry, speed alone won’t cut it.

Joshua Guesman
Obviously the only one to take dance lessons, but the worst juggler.

Luke and Juliane’s Verdict:
Tossup between John LaVange and Konner Barr.



The rss entry for this episode has the all text doubled up thing again.

What text doubled up thing?

This looks singled up to me.

Overcast is parsing something weirdly then.

This episode has it, Layoffs is normal, Cobalt Core has it.

I see what’s happening.
All that text is in the <description> tag in our original RSS feed.
When feedburner re-renders the feed it’s creating an <itunes:subtitle> and <itunes:summary> tag. It copies that full text into both tags. So then Overcast renders them that way.

I can probably stop it from doing that by including both of those tags myself, with some appropriate content so they don’t get auto-generated.

That said, all the other podcast apps I’m trying are rendering it correctly, including the much maligned official Apple one.

Would that explain the other episodes rendering normally? I only see double with the 2 I mentioned.

No, it does not explain that. But if you inspect the source of the RSS feeds, I just don’t see any other explanation. The only time the text is repeated is in those additional tags. And when it is repeated in those tags, it is repeated with the HTML and formatting stripped out, which is exactly what you are seeing there.

original feed:


feedburner re-written feed:


Unless there’s something I’m missing, this might actually be an overcast issue.

Yeah, I don’t see any differences comparing the last 2 episodes in the original feed, or in feedburner. Maybe a length thing? The subtitle for the 2 bad episodes is shorter than the one for Layoffs. Does seem like an Overcast deal.

Yeah, it could be they only show the subtitle when length is less than X.