TikTok Ban Discussion (The RESTRICT act)

So the bill is being written about the Tik Tok ban, and it is horrible for the Internet.

I am seeing lots and lots of discussions about the law. I tried to read the law itself, and I can’t understand it at all. I saw many articles panicking, and based on the ridiculous title and thumbnail, it seems this video is along a similar line. My gut tells me that this panic is based on misinformation. Unless I hear from an actual lawyer or other expert on what this law actually does, then I’m going to maintain the position of not knowing. Either way, I’m definitely not going to be trusting information from a YouTube video with a preposterous thumbnail.

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The video I included is a shortened version of a 2-hour video of a person reading the bill. Links are included in the description if you want to hear the unabridged version.

The thumbnail is sadly what people need to use in order to gain attention from others.

What are the qualifications of the person reading it?

Louis Rossmann is someone who owns a repair business and now works with FUTO, a company promoting open-source projects for technology. He has been an apple repair person for most of his life and has lobbied for the right to repair across the United States, including the New York Bill that was almost unanimously passed in the house and the senate before the governor neutered it. He has been keeping abrest on the legal machinations on right to repair specifically for about a decade at this point.

TLDR: Guy knows his stuff, I do like to share rando videos when it comes to politics.

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Sorry if I don’t trust a guy who repairs computers as a trustworthy source for interpreting law. At very least we need someone who actually went to law school.


I searched Google News for people reporting on the RESTRICT act.

There are several stories raising the alarm that this law will result in 20 year jail sentences for people who use VPNs. All of these alarmist stories appear from news sources that are libertarian (reason dot com) or cryptocurrency focused (bitcoinist).

The reputable news sites all have stories saying the opposite. That the RESTRICT act will not impact individual users. Here is a quote from Senator Warner’s communications director.

“Under the terms of the bill, someone must be engaged in ‘sabotage or subversion’ of communications technology in the U.S., causing ‘catastrophic effects’ on U.S. critical infrastructure, or ‘interfering in, or altering the result’ of a federal election in order for criminal penalties to apply,” Warner’s communications director, Rachel Cohen, said.


Follow up from the initial video I shared


and also


Props to a shouty YouTube person for admitting they are wrong, though.

Not as shouty as I expected, though the huge black cat startled me about 4 minutes in as I had yet to notice it till then.

I’d counter his view of “how can we agree to this being how we bam TikTok when do still allow places like Facebook to survey and interfere with us” (paraphrased) with the fact this Bill as written may be able to prevent, or punish after the fact most likely, someone like Facebook for interfering in Federal elections, though I would like it for all.

I’m still trying to parse much of the Bill but while, from what I understand so far, it defines foreign entities as a threat and discuss them in length in several sections but does not seem to limit the language, at least for some things like Federal elections or infrastructure, of who it applies to.

Yeah, people keep calling it the TikTok ban, but in reality, it doesn’t even mention Tiktok, it squarely takes aim at a pretty wide range of various social media and other internet companies.

It begins.

Ireland is banning TikTok next.

TikTok is now officially banned in Montana.

Another reason to ban TikTok: Stupid food challenges that get people killed.
A few years ago, there was the Tide pod challenge. Then it was putting NyQuil on chicken. Now they’re suggesting you literally inhale spray paint. A 13-year-old just died.

It is not a new trend as its roots are believed to go back 4-5 years ago

I remember being aware of people chroming - and it being referred to as such - as early as my first year of high school, and not to show my age, but that was a lot more than 4-5 years ago. Chroming is literally just slang for huffing paint, because the common wisdom was that the metallic paints gave you the best high.

Witness me shiny and chrome


Huffing aerosols is hardly a new trend. I would be willing to be a lot of the people raising alarm bells over “chroming” sniffed glue, huffed paint, and did whipits.

People have been abusing shit to get high since time immemorial.

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