Thursday - Layoffs

Tonight on GeekNights, against the backdrop of ongoing tech layoffs we talk about layoffs. (No, neither of us has been laid off). In the news, New York's Clean Slate Act is good news for millions of people trying to get their lives back together, Apple shocks the world by adopting RCS, and

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This episode was released on the one year anniversary of when I was laid off.


And yet you have become more powerful than they could ever imagine.

Adopting RCS, and? And‽


Two edged coin lol

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One thing to add on layoffs, don’t let a job interview go to waste. While looking for a job, I applied for one at a warehouse that supplies snack and beverage machines. The interviewer was honest that they filled their hiring quota earlier that day, but wanted to still interview me for future prospects. I sent him a thank you email a few days later.

Fast forward about 2-3 weeks later, I get a call to come in for a job interview as a vending attendant at a hospital. After getting the job, I found out the guy I interviewed for at the other job passed my name on to the hospital as a reliable hire.


I had a similar-ish situation. I applied for a job at a TV channel as an editor, despite not really having the skills or the qualifications. I didn’t get the job, but two weeks later someone was fired in a different position, and I was the last best person they interviewed, so they called me back and offered me the job.

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