Thursday - Easter Eggs

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the nature of the Easter Egg. They're good for society. In the news, the mayor of New York lost a duel, and it's not just you.

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Things of the Day

Scott make sure you go through the settings on the TV to avoid having it sell your profile to advertisers

I mean, of course I go through all the settings on everything I buy, and unchecked all the boxes.

I DID connect the TV to the Internet.

But I also confirmed, the pihole is preventing it from reaching Samsung ad servers. So even if I checked the boxes, it wouldn’t matter.

And also, there’s no data to collect. I’m not using the actual smart TV function. I have it configured with HDMI CEC. If I turn on the Apple TV, the HTPC, the Switch, it automatically turns on directly to those inputs. If I don’t use the TV OS for anything other than TV settings, there’s nothing for it to learn and report on.

I did think about disconnecting it from the internet entirely, but that would prevent certain functions. For example, it can talk to the soundbar over local wifi, saving an HDMI port. It can get updates for itself. It can get the local TV schedule if I watch something using the antenna.