This is Google

This is like the “Good Idea, Bad Idea” bit from Animaniacs.

EDIT: Read the rest of the thread, the phrasing of the first tweet made it sound like it automatically snips the claimed content from the video which is not the case so actually, Good Idea, Good Idea.

Welp looks like I was right the first time around. Not only do they get to claim it they get to take total control of it.

Not only should there be no billionaires, I am now in favor of banning for-profit companies period. All profits have to either go back into the company for a demonstrable use that must be disclosed fully, or be paid to the government in taxes. Stock trading is banned (sorry @SkeleRym ) and profits from private investment are capped. Fuck capitalism.

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Someone cracked the hashing algorithm YouTube uses for video IDs.

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It’s called google stadia because you have to stadia, dropida and rollida away.

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uBlock Origin only!

uBlock Origin builds getting rejected for the Chrome store.

Use Firefox!

So this is apparently going into the YouTube TOS:

So is this just a clause to allow them to terminate service to bad actors and people they are in legal disputes with, or is it a clause to excuse ousting small creators and dissident political views? Both? Is it just a weasel clause to let them do whatever?

My read is both, but most likely whatever makes the most profit. It’ll be used to throw off lgbt creators and hardcore nazis alike.

Some channels are talking about how it’s laying the groundwork for when they start getting demonetized they’ll just be getting the axe entirely. So instead of creators complaining about getting demonetized they just won’t be creators (at least on YT)