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This 100% has to do with Children’s toys advertising. I’m sure a large % of the advertising dollars are focused on children’s toys/family stuff, once you add cursing you never know how adult it’s going to get and those companies would not want to put their ad money towards those. Considering my daughter is obsessed currently with Engineering Family (which I’m pretty sure they just get paid a ton of money to make low budget videos about random stuff companies give them), there is probably a lot of money to be made from “Family” friendly stuff.


The way I figure, if GameGrumps can support several people while regularly talking about Danny’s penis, then so can I.


I think this hits it square on the head. I don’t have hard numbers but it seems that the majority of YouTube’s audience for the biggest channels are under 18 and I bet it skews on the younger side of that. If Markiplier is yelling swears and Karen the uptight soccer mom finds out Kiddo isn’t going to be allowed to watch Markiplier any more (lost eyes on ads) and depending on just how uptight Karen is maybe not buy their products. Doesn’t hurt the toy company much in the big scheme of things probably, but Paul Marketing is still going to be skittish about it because of optics and viral culture being what it is.


I for one wouldn’t want my kid to watch a Youtube channel featuring someone who swears like a sailor. Granted, he’s only 5 years old and still learning about what’s “polite” vs. “rude.”

Of course I’ll be less restrictive when he gets older, but while he’s that young and still figuring out how to behave, I don’t want to make things more confusing for him than they need to be. It’s kind of like how you don’t teach a kid algebra until they at least have basic arithmetic down.


Well, he does work for the government. It’s a very weird place to work, I’m told.

We look forward to his impending listenership in checks 2035.


Eh, it’s probably closer to around 2026 or so (i.e. 13ish), with a fudge factor for his individual maturity level.

Thing is, if you’re not a parent yourself (and to be honest, I’m not sure if you are, Churba, as I don’t think I’ve ever seen you discuss it), you probably don’t know what it’s like. I’ve experienced a couple of cases where his lack of understanding at his age has required a teaching moment on my part.

The first case was just last week when we were at a playground and some other kids there were, frankly, acting like jerks and their parents weren’t doing anything to stop them. My kid literally told me, “I wish they weren’t alive anymore,” and I had to take the time to explain just what’s wrong with saying that about kids who, despite being jerks, were still just being kids.

Another case was that he’s started to realize that people have different skin colors and that it looks like people with different skin colors often end up doing different jobs: i.e. dark skinned people often seem to do more jobs like landscaping, housekeeping, etc., at least in his personal observations of the world. I hope that it’s just a case of his 5 year old mind simply trying to add up the observations of the way the world happens to appear in his experiences and not something more nefarious, but I did take the time to explain to him that skin color has nothing to do with what kinds of jobs you are capable of doing (whether it affects the jobs you actually end up doing is a social issue that I think is too complicated for a 5 year old to understand).

So yeah, he’s still trying to learn right and wrong, how to properly behave in public, good manners, and all that, and it’s all I can do to try to set a good example and to only show him other people who also are good examples as much as possible. I don’t need him watching the opening half of Full Metal Jacket and getting the idea that talking like that is acceptable behavior because he’s too young to understand the context of why G.S. Hartman is talking and acting like that.


I was mostly joking, we’re not that bad. Apart from the swearing, we rarely discuss topics that would be inappropriate for teens.

I can guarantee you I’m not. A lot of nieces, nephews, godchildren, but none of my own. But interesting to read about your experiences as one. I’ve done those kind of teachable moments before, but only ever because I was the person present in any sort of guardian role when the opportunity presented itself.



EDIT: Also this.





Yeah, I stopped caring the second the nazi entered the frame. ( piercing bro from about 3 minutes in is the guy who taught his dog a nazi salute)


Huh. I’d never heard of that guy before. Sorry about that.

Regardless, Article 13, in its current incarnation, is scary as shit.




YouTube Premium is dead.


Uh, no? That article is stupid. Removing ads is the number one purpose of YouTube premium. The bo us content was the sideshow. As expected from a site that depends on ads for revenue to not understand the value of blocking ads.


I’m pretty sure they want to undervalue the “benefit” of not having ads. But it certainly is the main reason for paying them.

Of course there’s also the ability to play videos in the background on mobile which is actually the single KEY reason I bother, because I’m not supposed to watch videos on my phone at work (and YouTube is straight up blocked on our work machines) but there’s a lot of music and shows I can watch minimized or with the visuals turned off.

If they ditched that feature, or made that a default feature of the mobile app without paying for it, (Or if I change jobs…) I’m pretty sure I’d stop paying.



When Hangouts is shut down, Google can better diversify its messaging user base across its five remaining apps, I guess.