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It’s time for the Google Trial’s Funniest Bloopers! (read whole thread)




Update on a previous story (expand to see said post):


Google is proposing some changes to Chrome that will cause a lot of trouble for Ad Blocking add-ons like uBlock Origin (the one you should be using).

Firefox FTW.


Feels good to have switched like… whenever the quantum update came out.


This part is especially important:

In the case of WebUSB and WebBluetooth, it is opening the doors for sophisticated phishing attacks that could bypass hardware-based two-factor authentication devices such as some Yubikey devices.

Disable WebUSB
Disable WebBluetooth


YouTube finally does something right.


Does anyone remember that Oracle lawsuit from over a year ago?


Read the whole thread. Also, check out the website at the end.



TL;DR: keep using Firefox like I have for the past 15 years. Got it.


I recently ‘acquired’ a chromebook and quickly noticed I couldn’t access a shell or anything but google apps, even developer mode couldn’t get me apt.

One afternoon later I have firefox on the thing. I think it’s safe to say I’m pretty all in on firefox at this point.

I wonder if opera is still fastest browser?

Anyone tried brave?


It’s not really, anymore, but in saying that, there’s also not really a significant difference in benchmarks between it, Chrome, and Firefox these days, with Firefox tending to eke out a tiny lead by a tiny, tiny fraction in some benchmarks - but not enough to really matter.


That’s largely because there’s three rendering engines (soon to be 2, from the sounds of it): Chrome and Opera use WebKit, Firefox uses Gecko still IIRC, and the IE line used Trident. With the new IE set to be Chromium-based, it sounds like we’re going to be down to WK and Gekco.


Benchmarks for Edge were also pretty similar, but honestly I didn’t include it because I don’t know anyone who has used IE or edge for anything but downloading Firefox or Chrome for YEARS.


Hoo boy…


Chrome has been Blink for years now.


To be fair, Blink is a fork of WebKit.