Things of Your Day


Fuck, I’m tempted to buy one for Vic just because I know he’d fucking HATE it.

Fucking hell, he sounds like a discount James May.

Also, a relatively minor TOYD, but I gotta say it - I picked up an Automatic center-punch the other day, and fucking hell, I should have bought one sooner. WAY better than your good old hammer-and-punch. Could do with a sterner spring, but it’s trivial to fix that.


The cutscenes in Dragon Ball FighterZ are a gold mine.

Here’s a channel with a bunch of them.



Anyone who has an iPad and even a passing want in making music should immediately get Beatmaker 3 that’s free this weekend from the usual $40 price.


Downloading now.


So “which of these is a sandwich and why?” has become an interview question for my team…


Strange. Dunno how I’d handle that.

My personal opinion is that sandwich is convenient shorthand to describe a host of things but when you really get in and examine the definition it falls flat on it’s face. Most definitions can’t tell me just how many sandwiches are in a loaf of bread.

I actually use this example as a sexuality 101 for family. Prove to them that words they think have rigid definitions are actually flimsy and that terms like straight or male are just as flimsy as the word sandwich and is nothing more than a convenient short hand which fails when you look at it even a bit closer.


Stacking up your papers, shaking the interviewers hand, and walking out of the room.




I’m afraid to report I laughed like a Hyena.



This is the mid day pick-me-up I needed


From the twitter thread:
He attac
But he also attac
Honestly all he does is attac




This is just a really cool use of event swag as a means of audience participation slash providing a cool lighting effect.

For those who don’t want to hit the link - at the Eleague’s CS:GO major in Boston, they handed out light-up bracelets to every attendee. The bracelets were synced to a central control, so that they’d flash red in time with the bomb countdown, light up white for a bomb explosion, and flicker Blue(CT) or Yellow(T) for team round wins.


Cool. You could go for a shit and still keep up with who was winning.