Things of Your Day



Does anyone remember the old pre-YouTube meme site Time Cube?
Looks like someone made a documentary on the site’s founder, and it’s a sadder tale than you might think.


Of course. Who doesn’t know time cube?


My new favorite Twitter account, Magic: The GIFening, somehow collided with KPop.

Explanation: There is a KPop boy band called Infinite. The dude in the photo is a member of Infinite. The members of the Infinite fan club are known as Inspirits.



I attended the MIT Time Cube talk. I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than I knew it would be memorable. I also have a picture with Gene Ray, Cubist.


I kinda REALLY want one of these Echo Base winter jackets. The Han and Leia jackets are also super awesome.

Echo Base


James Veitch gets it.


Does anyone remember when Volkswagen committed emissions fraud? (GeekNights covered it a couple years ago.) Well…




Youngins may not understand.


What’s the weather say about tomorrow?


Man, that original comic is so fucking embarrassing.




Could Steamed Hams get better? Yes it could.


Raging at house parties with my Bros as political expression.