The thread formerly known as "Weekend Coding"


I think many times the best way to migrate to git is

git init
git add .
git commit -m "goodbye old system"

Keep the old system around in case you really need to look at history for something specific, but otherwise wash your hands of it.


But it at least means a human saw the complaint from the compiler and took an action. Whether that action was stupid—like adding pragmas everywhere to ignore errors—well, there’s not much the compiler can do. -Wall is a good start (and isn’t even “all” anymore). -Werror is likewise a great idea.

$ gcc -Wall test.c
test.c: In function ‘main’:
test.c:6:3: warning: suggest parentheses around assignment used as truth value [-Wparentheses]
   if (x = y) {

I like that clang warned me about the above by default.

I’m preaching to the choir here, but trust me when I say it legitimately saves time in the long run.


This always really bothered me. They should make a new one that is -Wnoireallymeanall.


A great answer to why a real “all” is a bad idea.


How about they make the compiler more intelligent so that it only shows warnings relevant to the target CPU architecture and environment? Even if there were an all-all, it shouldn’t be showing me warnings only relevant to ARM if I’m building for x86.


I used to use Hg for personal stuff years ago. I switched to Git because it was the more common, but I still think it’s the easier to use tool and it still does everything important Git does.

Git does have more tool availability, but Hg, as probably the #2 source control tool out there, has quite a few as well. My IDE and its siblings from JetBrains support Hg as well as Git.

I mostly agree with this here. If you’re starting off from scratch, you’re almost always better off going with Git.

Part of Hg’s initial popularity had to do with the fact that Git sucked on Windows and it was mostly used by heavily cross-platform projects. Git’s gotten a lot better on Windows since then, so it’s mostly those already using it heavily that have stuck with it.

Well, we don’t want to keep the old system around because we’re paying money for it… to a company that’s probably not going to be supporting it for much longer. Microfocus, the current owner of the product, seems to be one of those companies that makes its money buying products that are about to die and just milking support contracts on them while keeping them in perpetual maintenance mode.

We want to import as much history as possible so we can completely ditch the old product. As I said, there is a tool to do so. It’s not perfect, but probably good enough for our purposes. It’s mostly just a time thing to actually do the transition.


Proprietary source code management means you’re doing something specialized, big, and/or expensive. (Or that someone fucked up.)

Likely not “weekend coding”.


I find it really fascinating how when I tell people to do stuff, they usually don’t listen. But when I told people to not be afraid to zombie threads, they listened and took it too far. Weekend coding somehow became the thread for all coding.


It happens when people bring up work, I guess. Especially given that I’m sure some of us use the same tools on the weekend that they use at work (or would like to, anyway).


I’ll just leave this here, in case anyone gets any ideas.


I kind of like when thread titles are slightly misleading.


I use hg because…reasons



Do you hate GeForce Experience? You know, NVidia does let you directly download the drivers. But how will you know when there is a new one? They removed the auto update notification functionality from everything except for stupid GeForce Experience.

Well, I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, and it took me under thirty minutes.

This Twitter account is controlled by a tiny script running in a cron every hour. If there is a new NVidia GeForce Game Ready Driver, for Windows, 64-bit, WHQL, this account will automatically tweet about it.

That is as long as NVidia doesn’t shut me down, block my script, change their site, etc.

Let me know if you see a new version on the NVidia site, but don’t see a new tweet within an hour.

Also, spread it around, but not too loudly or too suddenly. If they try to block me from accessing the data somehow, I can deal with that. But if they get the Twitter account shut down, that’s a problem. If they go that route, we need to get a lot of followers first. That way we can get a nice 15 minutes of outrage. If the account is shut before anyone even knows, then it’s no fun.

Worst case I’ll change it just to message me personally. Maybe email.


What do you have it running on?


Just my spare linode. It’s a tiny script that takes less than a second to execute.



could probably just ifttt it.


I thought of that, but it’s not like ifttt has an NVidia channel. How will it know when there are driver updates?

The problem is that the things I want to do are always just slightly beyond the capabilities of ifttt. In their quest to make ifttt simple enough for everyone, the functionality is often limited.

For example, let’s say you want ifttt to send you an email and a text and set off all your notifications whenever the PAX_Badges Twitter account sends a tweet. You can do that pretty easily. The problem is that it will send you a notification for EVERY tweet, including when the account tweets @ someone else. There is no way to filter those out on ifttt.

What I do use ifttt for that it is very good as it crossing things over between different apps. For example, whenever I favorite a tweet, save an article in Feedly, etc. ifttt will save it on All the things I save/like across the web are saved in one place. Super good.


Yeah I’d probably use a webscraper to RSS tool. I get how building & running your own tool is can be easier. Was just thinking if you needed to offload it or something. Would be nice to get those drivers on ninite.