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Fantastic story about forgetting stuff you did.

Who among us hasn’t been there, though mine usually go more like

“What bozo wrote this, I don’t see how…”
git blame
“… Oh.”


I haven’t listened yet, but Guido van Rossum was interviewed on a podcast by Rivers Cuomo(??):

Initial v.
A gearshifter.
For vim.

Video from Tom7. Implements (among other things) a PRNG, and an NES cpu using only addition and multiplication of half-precision floating point numbers.

I know it’s an hour long. But this is some really wild shit. Pretend it’s a guest lecture in bizarro CS class.

On the “game” he made to test his NES implementation:

You can’t win it or even play it. It exists only to destroy your mind.

Remember The Tree, Scott has talked about as a user membership method.

Ie. keep track of who invited who, if someone is inviting bad people you can cut the whole branch off.

Since pagerank seems fucked these days, or at least Google can’t/won’t deal with all the SEO spam, what would The Tree look like for a search index?

Pagerank does have a component where linking to Page B confers some of Page A’s authority to it. Would Tree be meaningfully different? Does the big G just need to penalize crappy content farms more?

That’s actually a pretty good idea worth exploring.

A person starts a search engine. Rather than index the entire web, that person explicitly chooses domains to index. They also invite other people who also have the power to explicitly add domains to be indexed, and so on.

Then users have the ability to mark domains as no good. It could be because they are spam, malware, SEO garbage, evil, etc. If the domain is truly bad then the user who added it to the search index gets the boot, and so does everyone below them in the tree. All the pages from those domains gets purged from the index.

Someone has found out a lot about Mel “The Story of Mel” Kaye. Apparently he died in 2018:

I learned a programming thing, void *

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I also learned this! I love his videos.

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