The PC Building Thread


You have almost no data. My camera has 128GB memory cards, and recording one panel at PAX nearly fills it.


I have a lot less files than you people…


Even before GeekNights I had tons of data I considered important. Even in the earliest days of PCs I had backup pipelines, separate drives for different types of data, etc…


It’s a double whammy. Not only do I produce a lot of data in the form of digital creations, mostly photo and video. Also, I was born before the advent of legal streaming services. I have a collection of audio and video files that I must preserve. It no longer grows much thanks to streaming, but I have it because I am old. I also have every ROM ever ™ and that takes up a bit of space.


My Razor Imperator is dying, the left click often double clicks on it’s own. What’s a good mild gaming mouse to replace it? I don’t need anything crazy, just the standard 2 buttons and a wheel.


The Logitech G502 was great. I still use mine:

I broke the wheel due to heavy use, but it was easily repaired with a shim. If it died, I’d get whatever the current equivalent is.


I had a Logitech G603 wireless that I loved. But it has this weird bug where you would scroll the wheel and it would briefly scroll in the OPPOSITE direction. Like you go to scroll down and it goes up, then down. I contacted support and got a free replacement, but I brought that shit to work.

At home I decided to just go for the Razer DeathAdder Elite. The world’s most normal gaming mouse. Took a little bit of getting used to as the shape is slightly off from the Logitech mice I’m used to, but now it’s fine. Wire doesn’t even bother me like other wired mice. No desire for wireless.

The Logitech Pro and Pro Wireless are also worth of consideration for normal gaming mice that don’t look like a pile of razor blades.They also have some lower end ones like the 203 and 403 that are a few dollars cheaper.


The DeathAdder Elite seems to be the modern version of the Imperator 2012 that I had. Initially I was thinking off shying away from a Razer since the one I have is dying, but given that I was playing a lot of BF3 and BF4 when I purchased it in 2013. Nearly 6 years seems like a good run for the most clicked button in FPSing.

Now I think I’m just trying to decide between the DeathAdder Elite and the DeathAdder Essential.

Trying to decide if I want to spend the extra money for the fancier sensor since the mouse I have was only 6400 DPI anyway.


Seems like there’s no difference if you’re not pro, and probably no significant difference even if you are. I didn’t even know about the essential when I bought mine. Could have saved $20. I guess the rubber side grips?


I think the winner is going to be the Elite that’s $10 off and I can pickup on the way home.


You can save $10 more if you travel in piranha infested waters.


Or $5 more than that if I don’t mind a refurb.


I like refurb for a lot of things, but not a mouse that is infested with someone’s hand slime. Mice and keyboards are dirtier than toilets or just about any other object. Always buy new so you only touch your own filth.


Fair point…


Aw hell yeah G502. Good hand feel, nice feedback, just the right number of buttons to be useful, the lock/unlock for precise and fast scroll is a great feature, and I was surprised what a nice feature the adjustable weight actually is. I’m tempted to pick one or two up just to keep around if mine dies because I love it so much and companies have a habit of abruptly discontinuing peripherals to sell the new model.


I’ve had this mouse for a couple years and love it.

Don’t buy a refurb.


The Razer DeathAdder Elite?


I put some weights forward, but not back. I love this thing.


I think I have the Chroma


I have this one

It doesn’t say Chroma in its name, but it can change to any color.