The New GeekNights Website

The new web site is live!

Enjoy a search function that works well (IMO) among other modern conveniences.

But it’s not over yet. There is still much work to be done. If you want to contribute, or just follow along, the source code is also available.

Shit talk no more!


The 100 most recent rss entries showed up as “new” in my feed reader.

Also the hamburger menu is kind of cut off on the right side on my phone.

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I quadruple checked that all the RSS entries have the same guid. If I messed up, then I really messed up.

Either that, or your RSS reader is doing it wrong and not respecting the guid.

As for the hamburger, we need a screenshot or video to know what you are talking about.

I’ll make the GitHub repo public soon, and you can post issues there.

Definitely possible.

It looks like the padding around Community may be pushing outside the containing box. Kind of makes it look like there’s other items out past the right of the screen. It’s normal if I landscape mode.

Oooh. I’m seeing that also. It’s because I changed the words in there and the design was originally done with smaller words. Might need to do some dynamic font scaling or something.

100 (same) new entries again, lol.

The early video game episodes have the tag “video-games” and the later episodes “videogames”.

Also some book club entries have the tag “book club” and some “book_club” and others “book”.

And clicking on the “last” page of podcasts brings up an empty page:

The reason for the difference in tags is because that’s what Rym typed in when he made the episodes. That issue existed on the old site. It’s a data issue, not a code issue. I need to make a tag-alias feature where some tags are equivalent to others in order to not break URLs, and also not put multiple redundant tags on each episode.

The last page is interesting. I’ll look into that.

Clicking hamburger menu, then clicking Shows only to reveal another submenu is a little… eh.

Empty last page: 20051101 Video Game Argument is shown as the oldest episode. 20051031 is missing.

Long-pressing DOWNLOAD MP3 on mobile highlights the word instead of giving me options to open the link in a new tab or whatever.

On, clicking See Show Notes doesn’t seem to do anything.

I have discovered the source of many problems! An optimization I did early on, and forgot about, that I thought was reducing queries was actually making lots and lots of queries. The thing is, it worked at instant speed locally, but I never bothered to actually verify how many queries it was making! Oops.

Also, it was making queries on pages where they were unnecessary. I thought it would only be making them when the data was actually needed.

I also think I found the empty last page problem.

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I have fixed the major performance issues.
Also, the pagination problem.

For some widths of macOS Safari 17.0 on Sonoma, the “LATEST CONTENT” on the homepage is hyphenated which, in my opinion, looks bad.


Clicking Search to show the search box, then clicking again to actually focus the search box is annoying.

It took me awhile to figure out what you were talking about. That seems to only be mobile. Please be more specific in the bug reporting.

Red dot is when I deployed the fix.

Mm, sure. Sorry.

Isn’t this the simplest case of search and replace? Search for hashtag book_club and replace with hashtage bookclub. Done. No need for tag aliases or anything.

It would be that easy if not for the fact that tags appear in URLs. If I just rename all the tags to line them up, then URLs with the old tags will break.

A significant portion of the work on this new site was spent making sure that all the URL patterns from the previous site, the site before that, and the site before that, all still work or redirect properly.

I need tag aliases so that if someone goes to /tuesday/tags/videogame/ /tuesday/tags/videogames/ or /tuesday/tags/video-games/ they all work properly. If they aren’t 404 now they can’t be 404 tomorrow.

I appreciate Rym and Scott’s militant cool URI stance.

That’s the worst url scheme ever.

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