The Latest Episode of South Park

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South Park restarts tonight. They are taking on the nazis.

It’s that time again where I temporarily pay for the ad-free Hulu.


This new episode is not on par with the epicness of the past few seasons.We’ll have to see if it goes somewhere.

I really get the impression that they are struggling to find their feet now that the absurd picture they painted has become reality.

They thought they were comedy, but they were speculative fiction all along.


It must have been bloody stressful in the writers room.

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OK, this episode just got way funnier now that I see how it went for people who actually had Amazon Echos.

You think that’s why the audio mixing was fucked this episode?

When they started doing that at the beginning, I preemptively unplugged my Google Home.

trigger warning: rape, domestic violence

So South Park hit a new low today comparing Ryan, McConnell and Pence to rape victims who get fucked by Trump and are caught in the same abusive psychic of domestic relationships as done with Cartman & Heidi. So not only are Matt and Trey continuing on from this plotline, but horribly, HORRIBLY misusing it. The idea is that Heidi will “double down” on being dumped by Cartman because everyone will dog on her and tell her she was crazy/stupid for loving Cartman in the first place. They want to compare Trump voters to this attitude as well. The problem is the episode goes beyond this and says that the Republicans in power are in a similar situation cause Garrison/Trump is so brutal and smart enough about human psychology.

I’m so done with South Park after this season. It hasn’t even been all that bad, but the broad strokes don’t work here.

Apparently the season is over? I thought there would be more. It did feel like an ending, but not enough of an ending. Next season has to pick up right where this one left off.

Kind of a weird season overall. It concentrated way too much on Cartman and Heidi’s abusive relationship as a not at all subtle metaphor for the relationship between Trump and his supporters. Overall it was not as funny as previous South park seasons. They have the same brand of humor, but there used to be an overall positive vibe. This season was really dark and bleak. A vague sense of doom and gloom hung over everything. Did not make it that fun to watch.

Cancelled the Hulu for another year. It’s Netflix time.

Didn’t realize South Park is back.

Fuck those clowns.


Newest Episode was Transphobic AF.

Happy transgender day of remembrance!

Well, not “happy” in any case.