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Happy 4/20. I should have taken the day off, but had to work.

I love how over the last month I’ve been seeing all kinds of advertisements via billboards of dispensaries doing special events like concerts and food trucks.



4/20 is just 1/5. For all the STEM people on this Forum how do none of you reduce fractions?


I vow to expand fractions forever now. I’ve done this 5/5 times so far.


Smoke weed. Expand your mind. Expand your fractions.


A special day indeed.


I’ve only done a small fraction of these -

The leek is definitely one for @Rym to do on a livestream.



This is why the competitive Street Fighter community just calls them “Boxer”, “Claw”, and “Dictator”


STOP EVERYTHING Y’ALL, the taxonomy of a plant group is up for debate!

…Said no person remotely involved in taxonomy, ever, because it’s happening literally constantly.

Anyway, carry on.




To be fair, there’s about to be a huge increase in herb dealerships in Boston.




Take that, Jeff Sessions!


[quote=“jabrams007, post:58, topic:113, full:true”]
Take that, Jeff Sessions!
[/quote]No, seriously, Jeff, take it. You really need to chill out a bit.


Sales begin in Nevada.