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It will definitely be an interesting dataset to watch for population-level increases of any disorders/effects with more widespread usage of cannabis over time. But this article pointed out an important point quite a few times:

“The study assessed people who had a clinical diagnosis for cannabis treatment disorder, not general use of the drug”

They define what that clinical diagnosis is, the short version is that it is more akin to being an alcoholic versus someone who drinks alcohol.

Yes. My reading of this is that very heavy and frequent use of the strong stuff may correlate with an increased chance of schizophrenia, but not some huge increase. It’s not at the same level of alcohol damaging the liver or tobacco damaging the lungs. And even then, the certainty that it’s a problem at all is not super high.

I’d be more concerned about lung damage if someone is literally smoking weed rather than using another method.

It clearly doesn’t absolutely cause it because I know plenty of people who smoked a lot of weed and made babies. Also, most people who smoke a lot of weed that I know, don’t seem to be interested in making babies, so this would largely be viewed as a positive side effect.

You apparently don’t know a lot of modern parents :-p


Reading that abstract, pretty impressive that this appears to be a properly rigorous scientific study rather than a population survey trying to back-correlate results with behaviors. Will be interesting to see further scientific work in this field.

I also came across this image today which made me chuckle. Who knows if it is a real story, but it is not wrong of course.


Love to see it.

Edit to post correct video


KTRK-TV: Texas road trip arrest: Houston brothers out on bond after facing charges in Clay County during return from Colorado.

Venture to guess that, at the very least, these brothers just lost their right to vote. I can’t imagine living anywhere in Texas. Not just because of shit like this, but certainly because of shit like this.

CNN: Legalizing recreational cannabis increases its use, research shows.