The Barbie Movie

A Barbie movie is coming later this year, and the marketing team created a Barbie “Selfie” Generator.

Naturally, folks online are taking advantage and making memes out of it. (The below two aren’t mine; these were made by “Elliott” on Discord.)

Have fun with it!

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Is the barbie movie going to be a satire of the whole plastic / california-ish lifestyle? I’m hoping that it’ll be like legally blonde and not some empty movie about plastic lifestyle.

Greta Gerwig is directing. I don’t know exactly what we’ll get, but I don’t think it’ll be a straight ad for Mattel:

Depends on who’s writing it. We could get clever writers like those Life in the Dreamhouse shorts on YouTube.

…or we could get those mediocre direct-to-video movies made by Rainmaker/Mainframe that glorify her opulent lifestyle.