Thanksgiving: One meal to rule them all


Its that time of year again and planning should begin. This video doesn’t cook anything but the PDF it created will help you with a 9 dish meal plan for you to minimize stress if you were to start to cook on Monday.


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To be honest I fucking hate Thanksgiving. I literally have PTSD from years of horrible family Thankgsivings.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


I have successfully hosted my first thanksgiving feast for 11 people. I only mildly ruined it by insisting on cooking 2 chickens instead of a turkey. Turns out 1 chicken would have been sufficient.


I took this week to do some traveling. Sunday I flew from Boston to Nashville, and have since visited not only Nashville, but also Louisville and Cincinnati, with a quick detour through Indiana just to say I did. Tomorrow I head back to Nashville after visiting Fiona at the Cincinnati Zoo, to fly home Saturday morning. Solo travel is one of my favorite things to do - I love that I was able to visit 4 states in a week, bringing my total to 27 so far.


Third Bird Impact


Nonsense. That just means leftover chicken!


…how big were your chickens?


They were ~6lb each.