Testing the Forum - Playground

This is a humble testing thread for putting the new forum through its paces.

Pyramid construction.

The pyramid grows. Also, it appears that I have to use at least 20 characters or I can’t reply. Interesting.

Replying to the first post in the thread just to see exactly how this is handled.

Embedded youtube as well:

Embedded a tweet:

Edited by an admin (Rym) just now. Also colored the “admin” color to show I mean business.

Image attachments work now

Oh my a heading

Spoilers hidden in here

This text will be hidden

A poll: who has the best things of the day?

  • Rym
  • Scott

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Let’s see how much that pyramid grows.


What’s all this about hiding details?

I’m enjoying this nested threading thing. This seems to be an interesting way to steer tangents and hopefully contain conversation. Slashdot-esque.

Did you disable pyramid construction, or does it just stop at a certain point?

Replying to a reply to a comment sorts that reply into its own thread, so the branching is contained.

Solid forum. LGTM. Posts must be at least 20 characters so this is filler text.

Some of those restrictions seem like they will disappear once the forum “trusts” you enough. We turned most of the nonsense off, and I believe we can tweak these things further.

It basically gives users more and more ability to mess with the forum the longer they display good faith engagement through arcane metrics.

Yeah, makes sense. The user settings are also insanely clever and nuanced, like not sending me emails notifications while I’m active on the site.

Nice. Animated GIFs not only just work but preview perfectly.


Hm. Just played around with uploading a custom picture. Do we know how the software auto-crops? It does not appear to actually resize the image.

I’m not complaining, because it rendered my biohazard logo into some kind of demon head thing, which is totally metal, but it might be useful to know for other folks.

Here’s the original image:

Seriously, post stuff in this thread and play with the new features.

You can literally just drag images into the text!

Header 1

Header 6

… Header 9

The only thing I miss right now is a “preview” button.

You don’t like the live-updating preview in the post editor?

I figured it out a minute later - the preview is covered by a dismissable popup for new users. :stuck_out_tongue:

Huh. Interesting. Preview seems small but functional enough.

Thus far it does not appear to be complete :poop:.

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