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You should try the French earl grey if you like floral black teas, it has no bergamot but instead hibiscus and rose petals. I have not heard of the lamington flavour! I must give it a try. I personally am a big fan of New York Breakfast, which somehow tastes like pancakes.

I might give that a go next when I finally make myself sick of the lamington tea.

Though a tisane and not actually tea, I am mad for barley tea/boricha/mugicha and have been for years. From a very dark robust brew (usually served hot) to the lighter brew (usually served chilled), I love it all. I have never roasted my own barley, but I have made it from roasted barley (better for getting a darker brew, but can be brewed to any level) as well as from “tea bags” (which I only use for a quick, light brew to serve chilled).

Has anyone had roasted corn tea or the variant of boricha that is part roasted corn and part roasted barley? If so, any thoughts?

Finally tried Harney and Sons Earl Grey with Bergamot.

Me gusta.


So I’ve been moved to a new area in my office at work and my seat is a bit of a WTF. There’s half the desk space of everyone else, my workstation computer is on a filing cabinet, a column uses up what little floor space is left, and there’s only one way in or out.

The upshot is, I have a swagged-out custom filing-cabinet-cum-standing-desk and a column that hides me from people walking by such that I can get away with essentially murder.

The real downside is the kitchenette for our area is far away through a security door, and looks like it is from the Chernobyl nuclear plant, and is a space I dare not enter. The only way now to get hot water for tea is use a drinking fountain and then find someone with a microwave at their desk.

Long story short: I plan to get an electric tea brewing setup that can fit hopefully in one of my drawers and pull out to use on demand. One that doesn’t take up a lot of room and is stylish yet discrete. I’d like it to be something efficient that I can pull out and use without drawing enough power to pop a fuse, speed and capacity can both be low as long as I can get a cup or two for myself. I’d prefer it to not need accessories or separate drinking cups since it’s for personal use only, so if it has a built in or included proprietary drinking vessel that’s perfect. Easy to clean is also a plus.

Anyone use anything close to this? I’ve looked, there’s a lot of solutions but none yet are “here’s a thing, add cold water, add leaves, plug in, in a few minutes drink, and it it falls off your tiny desk it won’t explode.”

My only options right now seem to be use small kettle to fill an infuser thermos, or, some manner of brewing station that then fills a carafe that then fills seperate cups/mugs/thermos. Ultimately my ideal solution isn’t any different, other than it’d be nice to have everything packaged together such that I could have a brewer that directly fills a small dedicated thermos/cup.


Anyway. This Guide has some pretty good beginner tips. At work, I use a stainless brew basket, a large mug and a can of leaf. Can’t get simpler.

Regarding the kettle, if you have any real interest in tea,.get one with temperature control. You don’t have to get the super fancy one listed above. Just make sure there are settings for temperatures in 10*ish increments betweeen 160 and 212 F. The 6-temp kettles are usually fine. If you just want boiling hot water for Bag of Dust drink, this one from Amazon looks super cool.

If you want a tea pot, this is my daily. I pour it into a hydroflask of the same volume for keeping it hot.

If you’re REALLY into tea, and don’t want no stinkin tea pots, get the Teforia Classic (and while you’re at it, get one for me, too).


I’ve been drinking more tea than coffee and have been delving with other brands, types. Love drinking rose tea when I want to relax. Recently made a new friend at work that is so tea crazy and we went tea shopping. We plan on going to the next tea convention in Seattle.

Now, I need a legit water boiler that keeps water at the right temperature.

Eyeing the Zojirushi’s. , but have to figure out which is best for me. So pricey, but that tiny elephant is worth it.

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My family uses a Mr. Coffee Digital Electric Kettle. It has a digital thermometer that lets you set the water to whatever temperature you want.

Edit: Oh, and it’s way cheaper than that thing you linked.

I have this Zojirushi that I got some 9 years ago, I use it everyday and it still works perfectly and is amazing. It changed my life. Legit, no hyperbole here, it is hands down one of the best appliances I’ve ever acquired. As a rabid tea drinker it’s on the same level as a fridge for a must have appliance.


Yep. Zojirushi is a well known brand that is known by reputation to be worth the money. I have no problem dropping a bill on quality products.

I bought my Zojirushi rice cooker in 2010. The internal battery died. This means the clock no longer displays or keeps the time when I unplug it. When I plug it in, it’s always 7am.

It still makes rice as perfectly as the day I bought it. I don’t need my rice cooker to be a clock. Well worth it.

Our fancy one is starting to make dry rice. It’s still better than the cheap bucket style, but it’s definitely not making the quality of rice it used to.

IIRC you have a Panasonic and not a Zojirushi.

Arrives Friday. Zojirushi CD-WCC30 Micom Water Boiler & Warmer, Silver https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M04LR6P/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_CqmOAbYDSEY8R

Perfect because I’ll be downtown tomorrow so I can’t get more tea at Uwajimaya and have it ready for Friday.


my zojirushi pot still kickin it. My panasonic hot pot showing a little crust.


I regret only getting a 3L vs 4L Zojirushi. I keep have to refilling.

Privilege Problems.


I too have this regret some days. Usually when I have company over.

I have amazing friends.

(The Harney teas were from one of the Harney sons I played WoW with. He saw me post random tea stuff on IG. We had a convo and he decided to send me free tea.)

Tea all day.

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Oh hey, Taylors of Harrogate! Omnutia and I both lived not too far away from there. I’ve been to the actual place, too, that was pretty cool, as well as going to the original Betty’s Tea Room for high Tea.

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