I have a handful, some from an old acquaintance who I realized too late was just pawning off swords he no longer wanted.

I have the Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword. This isn’t the exact version one I have but just the closest match.

Trunks’ sword from Dragon Ball is probably the most recognizable one I have and is the only one I actually purchased. This is almost exact like the one I have, though cats destroyed the strap.

My next mistakenly accepted gift is Kenpachi Zaraki’s sword.

The last, that I can remember, I have is based a cheap looking bo staff with two swords in it. Think this with a shoddy dragon design on it. The guy just left with at my house and I didn’t know for a couple weeks. After finding it, I had to put my foot down on being his sword dumpster.

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Shoulda just told that dude to see if his local police would take it.

Do police take swords? I am happy to give these to whoever will take them, though do prefer avoiding police.

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Stab them all into a stump in the middle of the woods and freak out some hikers


Put them on Craigslist or some other site and sell them locally just make sure they don’t stab you with it when you sell it.

The sad thing is this would be an awesome idea, but only for well made expensive swords.

The ones kids are buying at anime cons will rot, rust, and fall apart so fast they’ll just be garbage within a year.

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Most of the anime/cheap fantasy swords probably would crack/shatter on attempting to thrust them into the wood stump if they even held a sharp enough edge to do so.

@Clinton Police come to mind due to weapons disposal for firearms. They may or may not do it in your area, but even a cheap anime sword could be a deadly weapon so it makes sense. You just may need to answer questions about provenance. Call ahead to see if they are up to/open to it vs. just cold walking into a precinct with a pile of swords like you are weeb-terminator.

Rusted sword in the woods would be cool, too.

Art installation, Titled: Rusted Youth.

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Agreed, but these don’t turn into rusted swords so much as pieces of rebar sticking out of a stump.

Everything but the blade itself will disintegrate pretty quickly. Since cheap “swords” don’t have a deep tang, there won’t be much of a “handle” or anything for long. Same with any adornments.

The metal itself will corrode pretty quickly overall.

It will look like a straight piece of rusty scrap metal moreso than a sword.

Making it into an actually cool/good sword is difficult or impossible. Maybe a coating can be sprayed onto it to extend its longevity? Spray some water seal on it or something?

Since you posted this, I have been looking up all the Oregon hiking trails I’ve been to in order to deduce which would be best for this.

Historical swordplay is growing in popularity every day. HEMA has largely eclipsed ARMA from what I can tell, and from there a whole slew of academic swordplay nerding has evolved. There’s a ton of it centered around the greater Boston area, but I believe there’s some good stuff around Philly too.

When I looked into it back in college (undergrad, 10 years ago) there was nothing in Philly of the ARMA/HEMA variety really going on. Though apparently since then there are some classes and even groups training in Clark Park. http://roguefencing.com/philly

This was the book, by the way,


First hit on google:

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The next Democratic debate should require everyone to bring the sword that represents their soul.

Then it will be very easy to select our nominee.


The way before us has been prepared.


If we do not crack America’s shell, we will die without being born.


I mean, if you can’t even crack the world’s shell, are you even electable?

Edit: Liz beat me to it by a half second.


Where do spears fall? I say it’s a sword with a very long handle and very short blade.

Really just an excuse to get Heron Spear involved.