Stranger Things (Spoilers)

Spoilers in this thread. You’ve been warned.

I’ve got thoughts about season 2. It was good! I think not quite up to the bar set by season 1.

  • S1 felt like so many things went down - it starts out as weird stuff happening in this town, and by the end, a mom and a sheriff are walking around in another dimension, wearing spacesuits, carrying submachine guns, and every step along the way felt reasonable. On the other hand, S2 felt like… not so much happened.
  • Like S1, where I could have done with one less episode of kids screaming at each other, I could have done without the whole episode where Eleven goes home.
  • Part of what made S1 so great was the kids were smart. In S2, it was not so enjoyable to watch Dustin being real dumb, Will possessed most of the time, and Mike being emo.
  • I didn’t pick up on so many references. The one that jumped out at me was Bob going through the facility Jurassic Park-style. That was a lot of fun, but really the only nod to another work I remember.
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