Steamed Hams but it's an FRC Forum Thread


Well, Seymor, I made it. Despite your directions.


And yet Milhouse still isn’t a meme.


Thanks to this it is now impossible to find an image of an actual steamed ham with Google Image search.



And yet there’s no love for steamed clams.


We watched 22 Short Films About Springfield in 2016, before this blew up, and I remember thinking at the time that the Skinner/Chalmers segment feels like it could have been made today. It seems like the internet agrees.


Someone has to say it.

Steamed Hams = Szechuan Sauce.


(I’ll play along since I’m Simpson’s obsessed)

Ah, Superintendent Chalmers. Welcome, I hope you’re ready for an unforgettable luncheon.


Two differences:

  1. McDonald’s hasn’t tried selling steamed hams to nerds

  2. Steamed hams is from a funny joke




So is this suddenly funny again or something?


Season 7 never stopped being funny. Even the clip show is funny.


None of you have posted videos yet. I’m ashamed.


If you insist.



/co/ has a thread for abstract Simpsons memes right now.


Sadposting is one of the better memes out of Simpsons Shitposting.


That reminds how relieved I was that Steamed Hams overtook the memes of Simpsonswave.


Why Not Both?