Stanley Cup Brackets

Because I’m not a coward, I won’t change my bracket from what I came up with before Tampa started embarrassing themselves.

Tampa may ruin this for me.

Good lord.
That was a hell of a Caps game last night. 2OT game 7!

My bracket… did poorly.

This is why hockey playoffs are so great.

I’m 2 for 15 no matter what happens.

Even was like “yeah, everybody in our bracket challenge can redo it.”

Imagine if basketsball playoffs were like hockey. 0 underdogs are going to advance out of the first round :slightly_frowning_face:

Basketball has A LOT less luck than hockey. Also, the refs in basketball give a lot more preferential treatment to star players, biasing them towards the expected outcome. Not that hockey refs are completely objective, but they are subjective in a different way than the basketball refs are.