Spiel des Jahres 2017

The Nominees are in. Captain Sonar only got an honorable mention? Lame.

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From the SdJ list I have played Magic Maze, Fabled Fruit, and Klask.

Kingdomino is the most ‘typical’ SdJ winner. I would have picked Fabled Fruit if it were in the top 3.

From the KdJ list I have played EXIT: The Game, Raiders of the North Sea, Terraforming Mars, Captain Sonar, and The Grizzled.

I’m surprised to see a Kickstarter game (Raiders of the North Sea) appear on the KdJ list. I suppose it got a proper German distributor last year. I’m surprised to see Terraforming Mars show up in the nominations instead of getting a ‘recommend’. It seems out of place with the other games on the KdJ list in terms of theme, game length, and rules complexity.

Klask was the most surprising to me. I didn’t think games like that were even eligible. It makes perfect sense, though. I would have bought Klask after the first time we played it one or two PAX Primes ago. If only I had a house with tables and such, and not a tiny NYC apartment. I have nowhere to put a Klask.

Of course, if I had a house, I would get an air hockey, and thus would not need Klask.

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Klask was waaaay more fun than it has any right to be, and shockingly exceeded my expectations. It’s legit.

Ice Cool is a lot of fun for a quick/silly dexterity game, you can get a mean swerve on those penguins.

SdJ winner is Kingdomino
KdJ winner is EXIT: The Game