Songmaker Thread


Thread is only for songmaker songs.


This makes me want to toy around with the 3DS Korg emulator again.


Once I actually poked at it, it’s frustrating in its limitations. Best I could do in five minutes.


OK. Another one. I call this “ringtone”


Looping the best I can in 5 minutes.


Hip hop beat


my kingdom for a handclap or a hi hat


Reminds me of Warframe’s “Mandachord” step synth, which people have been using to make somepretty complex musical works.


All Beats, No Keys


A two minute effort.


What we need to do is a collaboration, a bit like the “change a letter” forum thread. Here is Step A. The next person can either add something, remove something, change the tempo or change the voices. Don’t fiddle with the settings, as that can delete entire segments. Don’t do anything too drastic, as the point is to have a shared musical vision. And let’s not start deleting or changing things until the sheet is mostly full.

Let’s see what we have at Step Z!


It’s a start I suppose…


Revenge of the Shinobi-esqe


I am not creative so I made a thing and a drum beat that doesn’t fit with it


Step B


Step C


So “Step A” then “Step 2” then unlabeled. Very handy for keeping track of when we reach Step Z. :slight_smile:


I fixed it, you happy?


Step D


What does middle C even sound like XD