Soccer (Actual Football)

It seems still quite unlikely to happen, but I really hope it happens. It needs to happen at least once just to prove that it can happen.


A similar ecase happened in Peru with Alianza Lima, one of its oldest teams.

Some of my friends growing up are very disappointed but accepted the outcome due to the irregularities of the team and management during the 2020 season.

I for one hope that having such a well known sports team relegated to the peruvian soccer second league will bring more attention to those games, and therefore making the second league a little more known.

I just learned about how german club Schalke 04 is doing currently and it kind of shocked me. I don’t really follow football, but I do get the overall things through osmosis. Schalke 04 has always been seen as one of the top destinations in germany. A traditional club that’s always in the running, with domestic titles before the Bundesliga and some international success in the 90s and 2000s. They never won the Bundesliga (which I found suprising when I just looked at their club stats) but they finished as runners-up six times in club history, including in the 2017-18 season (though a distant second then).

They’ve had recent struggles, but in the second half of last year all the wheels fell off continuing into this season. They almost tied the Bundesliga record for longest winless streak, managing just one shy of the record, which lasted almost a full calendar year.

It is now halfway through the 2020-21 season, and Schalke is sitting dead last with just one win and four ties. Their goal differential is -34 in 18 games. For comparison, the last place team in the last three years each finished with goal differential of -37, -42 and -35 respectively, and that is for 34 games. They are already on their fourth head coach in the season.

This may perhaps be the biggest disaster in history of the league. Sure, there have been similar or worse seasons before, but usually by clubs which everyone had written off beforehand anyway, not clubs that have been sitting near the top of the table for three decades.

Oh man, this Super League thing is such a big deal probably gonna be GeekNights news. I already went out and figured out most of what there is to know. Daaaang. As if the World Cup FIFA corruption shenanigans weren’t enough.

Three days after it announced its existence the Super League suspended operations. Hilarious.

And nothing of value was lost.

I really have no idea how they expected this to go down. Did they believe that the entirety of society and existing football system would just take it lying down?

Guess I’m a Ronaldo fan now.

Some ridiculous biz going on with Brazil vs. Argentina.

Four Argentinian players supposedly falsified information related to COVID protocol to enter the country illegally and avoid quarantine. Brazilian federal police came to stop the match. I’ve never seen anything like this, though I have often wanted to. I’d love to see NYPD go onto the ice at MSG to arrest fighting hockey players for assault, etc.

For some godforsaken reason FIFA is trying to push for the World Cup every two years. UEFA and many other organization are saying that’s a bad idea:

All the sports leagues try to do this. From the fan perspective we mostly don’t like it. I guess there are some fans that want more more more. But the feeling I get is that people realize that rarity is what makes a thing more special. Because it doesn’t happen that often, it’s a HUGE deal when it does happen. There are already plenty of annual big deals. We need some things to be less than annual so that they can be an even bigger deal. See also the NFL always trying to make the season longer.

But from the greed perspective, more is better. If they have twice as many World Cups, will the popularity, excitement, and money for each one be half, or less than half of what it is for a single World Cup now? It might be lessened, but not by half! Therefore, twice as many World Cups stands to make them a lot more money.