I bought an Apple Watch series 4 for Juliane as an early Christmas present. The bigger screen looks amazing!

Now we both have watched with the latest OS (her series 0 watch wasn’t able to update) I’m guessing the breakthrough feature will be the Walkie Talkie app.

Still watch-less here. Looking at the new Apple Watch, I don’t think it’s got enough for me to make it worth paying my own money for, but I wouldn’t turn it down as a gift.

Of course, if it was a “gift” but the money came from a common pool, (i.e. shared spousal bank account), I’d still consider returning it.

I switched from a Pebble Time to a Fitbit Versa. Supposedly this watch is the first product of what came over from the Pebble team. Pros: good battery life (~5 days), clear and vibrant screen, heart rate monitor, easily interchangeable watch bands, touch screen. Cons: touch screen (inadvertent inputs not infrequently), sometimes notifications just don’t show up, tilt sensor to quickly turn on screen is finicky and takes multiple tries to activate at times, bulky charging cradle.

I really like the heart rate sensor, and in theory the touch screen provides more capabilities, but honestly what I want from a smart watch is reliable push notifications not the ability to do much outbound activity from the watch.

I switched to a Casio G-Shock because the regular Casio I had wasn’t holding up to the lifestyle I lead working on servers and cars. It was stupid cheap and thus far fabulous.

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I’ve been an Ionic dev since it came out. I was also sent the versa since I have a few faces/apps and I like both of them…but their communication protocol is garbage and unreliable. It is a great fitness tracker with smart watch features at this point. We, the devs, are still hoping it will continue to improve.