Skiing (and Snowboarding I guess...)

If you listen to GeekNights, you probably know that I’ve been skiing basically my whole life. It is easily my favorite sport hobby, and is possibly my favorite hobby (tied with tabletop gaming).

But my whole life, I’d never skied outside of the East. Killington, Loon, and Bretton Woods were the “best” places I’d ever been.

But now, having skied for just one week at Vail… It’s like a wholly different sport out there.

I got more vertical in these five days than in probably any ski season of my life total. God damn. Hours of just flying through remote forests.

It’s gonna be hard to go back to Hunter Mountain with its ice and rocks.


This was the first trip I’d ever skied a “bowl” instead of developed trails or glades. Imagine a giant expanse of snow with widely varied terrain that funnels to a single point at the base of the incline.

The “trails” are little more than recommended paths to take with indications of their relative difficulty. It’s real easy to get “lost” en route, but you’ll always end up at a safe destination no matter what direction you ski.

I’ve never experienced anything like it and I’m kind of hooked. I even tried “powder skis” which were a trip.

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My girlfriend took a personal ski trip over the weekend as well. I forget the name of the Mountain but it was located in Massachusetts. Went down the slope a few times after finishing up work in the area to refresh her batteries.

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Most of the lifts I use are pretty much a straight shot up the mountain, but what if you need to have a bend or turn as the towers go up the mountain?

Answer in this video: