No joke it’s one of my favorite cards ever. A perfectly elegant ability that is also a beautiful throwback to how every new player thought Drudge Skeletons worked.

Had one of these as a kid.

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Oh Lawd He Comin’



This is a bad example of it, but I really like the museum exhibits where they have the skeleton and the taxidermy next to each other.

And this one, eBay said “oh you like skeletons, have more!”

Today we’ve got some famous skeletons. The Triumph of Death by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Bruegel, most famous for his surreal depictions of demons, is also historically important for his depictions of peasant life and folk culture. His artworks have been useful corroborations of poorly documented events along with preserving the part of culture that was not often depicted as art was frequently funded by the upper-class elite. Triumph of Death is a combination of the classic motifs of the Danse Macabre and … the Triumph of Death which were gothic reminders that not only is death inescapable, but that it comes for all regardless of status. Bruegel’s Triumph of Death depicts many common pastimes performed in mockery by the apocalyptic hordes of undead, both as morality vignettes and pure comic artwork.

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very fancy skellington

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ADMIN is amazing.

I am not going to say Big Gender is a bad name…but it may be bad ass.

There’s a store in CA called The Bone Room. They supplied the Mythbusters with all their bone related needs and they also sell lots of cool bones

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Hell yeah. This nakes me lament the old days of multiplayer games where your username wasn’t tied to an account and you could change it whenever you wanted.