Has anyone seen Rym and Admin in the same room? Didn’t think so.

We just need one tweet about the gaze heuristic to confirm it.

It seems very likely that drewtoothpaste (aka HELL ORBS) is ADMIN, and drew doesn’t seem to be trying hard to hide it. Half the updates I get from the share z0ne card game Kickstarter come from drew and not ADMIN. In a recent email Drew & Natalie notified everyone that their shop is closing.

And also

We’ll be keeping our Teespring t-shirt store open, so you can still buy Married To The Sea, Natalie Dee & Toothpaste For Dinner shirts (and there’s a Share Z0ne shirt store, as well as the DSZ store where you can buy the card game) but otherwise, we’re closing out the last of our merch.

There is still reasonable doubt. It could simply be the case that drew is a major contributor/creator of the upcoming share z0ne card game, and is not actually the ADMIN. In that case, it is still very likely to be someone else who is in the same general creative community as drew, Natalie, KC Green, and friends. Doesn’t matter to me because anyone who is friends with them is fucking cool with me.

Here’s some skeletons:

Going to keep this on brand

IN THIS ISSUE: KEEPING THE SKELETON INSIDE YOU AT BAY BEST SHOES FOR RUNNING OH FUCK SKELETONS the magazine for people being pursued by skeletons GODDAMN THEYRE EVERYWHERE OLY SHIT! S GONNA GET YOU skeleton encounters weaknesses everyone should know survivor stories skeletons have pursued me all my life

news at 6

Since it’s now September and all…

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20 days too soon.


The only petition you should ever sign.


“They…took…my…FACE! JUSTIN!”

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No thanks I already have one.

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(This channel is great BTW)

It’s crocheted. And life-size.

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