Pre pandemic I personally started to get back into skating after a friend organised a night at the roller disco.

I picked it up quite quickly, so bought myself a pair of triskates.

The Playlife GT 110s are an entry level pair of triskates. The actual powerslide skates that I want are 3 times the cost. At least.

They’re actually really good. I can accelerate quite quickly and hold speed for a considerable amount of time thanks to the bigger wheels.

The limitations with these skates is that the fit isn’t as customisable as the powerslide swell range. Also the wheel frame is too long to have good maneuverability at higher speeds.

Thanks to the pandemic a lot more people have been getting into skating. It’s been one of my primary sources of physical activity. It’s been a heap of fun improving my skills.

I’m already looking at pairs of quad skates and another set of triskates.

I owe my progress to a bunch of youtube tutorials that helped me basically never fall over and follow proper technique. I’m quite confident to skate backwards on one side for now.

My footwork on the left needs training. My brain-muscle connection isn’t quite there yet.

Also need to work on powerslides and downhill traversing. So that I don’t die.

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What is the currently accepted usage of “skate”? Is it equally valid to use it when referring to skateboarding, rollerskating (4 wheels in 2 sets of parallel wheels), and inline skating (aka rollerblading)? Asking both out of colloquial curiosity and for the purpose of clarifying the utility of this thread.

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Ep 28 Roller skate crew!

“This week I spoke to Anisa Sanusi about how the covid lockdown was the perfect time to start a roller skate crew!”

OMG, I saw so much roller skating going on on the social networks and also the neighborhood. It really exploded.

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I am part of that explosion!

It’s great. I’m actually nerding out on skate design. Currently modifying the skates, mentioned in the first post, at work. It’s ongoing, since I have to actually do work at work too.

In London, the skate meetups are huge! It’s great.

Awww I was really excited when I thought this was a podcast of yours. Fun listen but I missed Darren.

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Dirty Deborah has been an excellent resource