Silicon Valley is stupid



Because Ivanka is the perfect salesperson for shit.


The Fyre Festival is now being investigated by the FBI.

Here’s the best part:

And when one employee said that the company had committed fraud, Ja Rule quickly replied: 'That's not fraud, that's not fraud. False advertising, maybe - not fraud.'


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So, for lack of a better thread, putting it here - Turns out, despite previously knowing conditions and worker treatment at Tesla is below an acceptable standard. But thanks to some brilliant investigative journalism by the Center for Investigative reporting(and published in their magazine, Reveal), we know much more about exactly how bad.

Examples include:

  • Misreporting injuries and leaving injuries off the books to lower recorded injury rates

  • Having no marked pedestrian lanes, bays, safety areas, or any other safety markings in Industry standard and research-recommended bright yellow, because Elon doesn’t like the colour yellow. Instead, they’re mostly unmarked, with the few that are marked being in a muted blue, or in shades of grey…on a grey floor. The only yellow objects are either temporary caution tape on objects(you can only get it in black and yellow), and some heavy machinery(cranes, in particular) which are legally required to be yellow. (Fun facts - the particular shades of yellow used are commonly known as Caution Yellow or Saftey Yellow)

  • Warning signs, machinery warning noises(like forklift reversing beeps), and saftey shoes/boots are also minimized, removed, and discouraged for the same reason, Elon doesn’t like them.

  • Musk’s name is regularly invoked to justify shortcuts and dismissing saftey concerns

  • That their sharp drop in injuries in 2017, a number they crowed about, is almost directly attributable to this under-reporting

  • Quote from their now ex-saftey manager: “Everything took a back seat to production, It’s just a matter of time before somebody gets killed.”

  • Safety equipment given to workers was often insufficient for the task, such as respirators that were not rated to deal with chemical inhalation being given to workers dealing with toxic chemicals.

  • Other equipment was commonly used inappropriately, such as hoists that are not rated for required loads and are completely uninspected are frequently used to move heavy materiel, resulting in accidents.

  • Health and safety briefings and training was routinely disregarded, and only given to select workers after incidents occurred.

It’s also indicated that these problems are present at SpaceX.

Further Tesla News from recently:

Leaked Tesla emails reveal that they tried to make a racial discrimination case go away by paying hush money.

Tesla have been removed from the NTSB investigation into recent Autopilot death, for breaking their agreements with the NTSB, revealing incomplete information for PR purposes, and attempting to meddle with the investigation. Tesla Claims they withdrew, though the NTSB announcement arrived before their press release did.

Further from the NTSB.

Jalopnik reports on Tesla’s aggressive, insulting, and borderline unhinged media strategy.


This is like reading about the Australian mining industry pre the Coal Mining Act. It’s a testament to the erosion of unions in the US.


I was absolutely aghast reading it, and frankly stunned nobody has died yet. If they continue as is, much as their ex-saftey manager said, it’s a matter of time. I’d like to say I have no idea how they’ve gotten away with it, but no, I’m pretty sure we all have a few pretty good ideas as to how.


Well, I was thinking about purchasing a Tesla when the time comes to buy my next car now that they have more reasonably priced models (the tech is really cool, after all), but this completely rules that out unless they have some major changes in how they treat their workers.


I was thinking of finally getting my license and getting the 3, but now I’m thinking if I do I’ll get something like the Volt.


We looked into getting a Renault Zoe as our next lease, but the economics isn’t quite there yet for us. Instead we just purchased our current lease and will hopefully use it for another five years. Maybe then the infrastructure will be in place and more affordable.

Meanwhile we are looking at something like this for local emission-free travel, leaving the fossil fuel car for longer journeys:


I was trying to decide between a Bolt and a Model 3 sometime in the near future. The Model 3’s focus on smartphone control instead of a key fob and lack of controls outside of the giant touchscreen had already pushed me towards the Bolt. Not that GM doesn’t have it’s own problems.


Eh, not that much more reasonably priced. At the moment, the reasonably priced model three deliveries only start in mid-2019, assuming that Tesla actually manage to do the one thing they do worst, and keep to that deadline. Until then, the model 3 is only about 10K cheaper than the cheapest Model S, if that.

There are definitely some other compelling options for EVs out there. The Bolt, the E-Golf, the Iconiq, the focus electric. Tesla might have revitalized the market, but the big boys are steadily showing up at the table, and they’re bringing some gourmet offerings.


Girlfriend went with the bolt (all electric) for her car and it works like a champ.


This is really a side note, but I honestly think Chevy made a bit of a mistake with the naming scheme of the Volt and the Bolt. Having a Hybrid and a full electric with such similar names just breeds confusion.


You have no idea how hard it is to not screw up naming her car in a conversation.


Yeah, I have to say “bolt with a b” every time it comes up in conversation. As an added bonus the autonomous Chevy is built on a Bolt and called “Cruise” not to be confused with the Chevy Cruze.