Silicon Valley is stupid


At that point just go get food from a restaurant to go



I want an app that makes food magically appear in my fridge from thin air.


Diamond Age, then. Don’t we all.


I have an Anova sous vide cooker:

Thankfully I’ve never used the app, so requiring an account hasn’t affected me. But the same thing was pulled by GoPro, and suddenly I had a non-functioning app and couldn’t change settings on the camera or preview shots or download or delete videos. It was a shit show.


I didn’t have the issues people had with the GoPro app. I made the account once, and it never asked me to login ever again. It “just worked.” That being said, in principle, no app or account should be required to use all the functions of hardware you have purchased. You can use a Nintendo Switch without making an account, for example. You just can’t buy anything in the eShop.

For a cooker, though? That’s a bit more extreme. Unlike the GoPro, which has cloud features, I can’t imagine the Anova has any. I was vaguely considering some sous vide action. If I do, I will probably pick a different one.


The GoPro app auto-logging out users is fine if you’re in a city. Where did it log me out? The fucking Amazon River. How much wifi did I have? No wifi. How much cell coverage? No cell coverage. I got the shots I wanted, but it was down to luck and skill.

The app store reviews were full of people with similar stories, some who had to drive two hours each way through the desert to get cell signal to log in to the account just to be able to set up the cameras. Lost shoots, lost jobs, all completely fucking up customers.

GoPro sent me a survey asking how I liked the camera. I gave them 10 stars for everything they asked me about, then gave them zero stars overall, and said I would never recommend anyone ever buy their project. Fuck them.


What I’m saying is that it never logged me out. I only had to log into it once ever when I first setup the app, and never again.


Lucky you.

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Aside from the dumb account deal, how do you like the sous vider?



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You can have this. Just get rich and hire staff.


I am re-listening to the Here comes the Airplane episode of FNPL because it is such a good story behind it.


[quote=“ScoJoHarr, post:33, topic:662, full:true”]
I am re-listening to the Here comes the Airplane episode of FNPL because it is such a good story behind it.
[/quote]Fun facts - the Moderately famous person mentioned in the episode is one of the GiantBomb guys.

I’m still kinda proud of the off-the-cuff marketing wank spiel at the start.

Edit- Oh got I forgot nelson’s perfect, surprised, joyous laugh when I mentioned that fucking headline of which we do not speak.


Man you should get on that right away Rym, Oh wait. :-p


Man, the shitshow that started on r/SanFrancisco was great.


This is now the “Silicon valley is stupid” thread.

So, someone has finally disrupted the coffee table, with Storebound’s SOBRO, a $1200 dollar Coffee table with a built-in fridge, bluetooth speakers, and LED under-lights, as if you’re going to take it street-racing in 1997.

Ooooorrrr… For $500 bucks, you can buy the imaginatively named “Fridge Table with bluetooth speaker” from Alibaba, which does everything the SOBRO does, except it’s got two fridge drawers instead of one, no LED lights, and includes a USB charging station.


If you buy 50, they’re only $460! You’d never have to buy a table or fridge again!


Or spend like $50 on a used mini fridge, some plywood and a bluetooth speaker.


I guess this falls also into the perview of this topic. Thread in the twitter lin:

Essentially DashCon only ten times the size and ten times worse.