Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal


Inspired by They’re Made of Meat?

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I really like how SMBC has differentiated himself from the XKCD humor he was originally rifting on. Their jokes don’t always land on me, but when they do they have me good.



SMBC is 3 years older than XKCD! I didn’t realize until I looked just now.

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Holy shit you’re right. I now want to edit my post and pretend I was never wrong, but alas. Memory is a weird thing.



I think XKCD is rightly held up as a standard when it comes to nerd webcomics, but it’s funny to see anything remotely nerdy being assumed to be inspired by it when that’s obviously not the case. Not only were many people doing nerdy jokes in webcomics way before, but I found quite a few places where those jokes were told with stick figures too.

I even had a series of animated gifs of stick figures that were short stories about things like noticing funny numbers in shopping prices, very similar to the content of XKCD, published two or three years before the first XKCD. That led to my first big viral hit, which was me juggling and turning into a stick figure:

XKCD perfected such stuff, but wasn’t the first by any means.



Good one today.

Satan’s prettycool.