This guy cube ruled the cube rule:

I have to say, Structural B is also appealing.

A Poptart is a sandwich.

See also: expressing an opinion for the sake of being seen having one.

See also: expressing an opinion just to have an ongoing conversation with other humans.

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I want to make a joke about berries here but I don’t have it in me.

At best it’s a panini

Poptarts are ravioli.


This does not change my assessment, it just means that ravioli are also sandwiches.

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Dropping this here:

Specifically this episode:

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The cube rule is the one true rule for food classification!

I feel like a pie should have been on the last row.

Topologically, a poptart is just a small pie!

Yeah, just a sugary calzone.

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Gotta Say, dude repped Philly good. Jim’s on South is my favorite of the recognizable name cheesesteak places. Classic interior, way less tourists that Pats & Jims, way nicer staff too.

His point about the bread is key, Amoroso’s and Liscio’s are the foundation for a good cheesesteak (and hoagie).

ADMIN with some timely information:


Well I guess this settles it.


Bonus from TotD thread:

One thing I will say is that I can make a fucking sandwich.

The training I got working at Dibella’s was no joke. I’m not even kidding. I learned techniques.

GeekNights Thursday: sandwich gnosis.


…I’m gonna go get DiBella’s for lunch.